Wilderness Weekly 6.23.17

Lorikeets: Two trail name ceremonies this week! Seeking Stallion and Whole-Hearted Moon were both happy to use their trail names for the first time. We also celebrated a token ceremony to honor a student who was working hard towards her goals. At therapy site, we enjoyed a particularly beautiful campsite and watched a miraculous sunset from the top of a knoll. We also saw wild horses from far away! Finally, the group had a ceremony to honor the transfer of the leadership role from one student to the next. Staff brought a guitar out to the field and the group enjoyed jams. Thanks Keet’s staff for the pics!


The group has a new leader! A field staff, Trais, was honored with his trail name this week by the Dingo students. Two of our newest Dingoes received their first tokens on Wednesday, with the other group members giving evidence of how these boys positively impact those around them. Each Dingo had an opportunity to create a thoughtful Father’s Day video to send home via Greg. Finally, the Dingoes rounded off this shift by spending a scorching hot day having a water fight in a nearby mountain stream!


The Brumbies held a ceremony to decide and present a few group members with the honored trail name! A combination of adjectives and nouns that best describe the character of the person receiving it.

A few of the boys had parent visits and they were great reunions. Later in the week, the Brumbies enjoyed a nice night hike to Erickson Knoll under the beautiful setting sun and rising moon.


Nestled below the summit of Red Pine on a neighboring ridge, the Uluru honored their oldest member with a trail name.

Spindles have been spinning and bows have been pumping. All this effort is finally paying off as two members of the Uluru finally busted their way out of First camp, joining the rest of their fellow brothers.

As lightning flashed on the horizon and the sun glowed like an ember over the distant Davis Mountains, the Uluru sat in contemplation and awe of the desert as it transitioned to nightfall. Once darkness had set in, an epic game of charades ensued.


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