Wilderness Weekly 6.29.18

Brumbies:  The Brumbies faced many challenging moments this week. They completed a very difficult hike that took them nearly 7 hours to get to camp. The Brumbies went over a pass and stayed at unique sites that were filled with Juniper and Scrub Oak trees. Many games were played this week including: Guess Who, 3 Flags Up, Stalking Wolf, and Tanks and Commanders. One Brumby was honored with Vital Fire token for his hard work and determination. The Brumbies went on several day hike explorations for supplies for their busting sets. They collected spindles and boards and even found a creek that provided relief from the heat! This week, the Brumbies focused on identity, and shared different masks they wear and portray to others and discussed who they are beneath those masks. The Brumbies created bow staffs to use on hikes which displayed unique qualities they possessed. Additionally, the Brumbies welcomed two new students into the group and each were assigned a mentor to assist in completing first camp assignments. The Brumbies include 7 strong members of the group and thriving in the Outback!

Dingoes:  The Dingoes had a great week filled with lots of hikes and celebrations. The boys completed five consecutive hikes to new camping sites, and with a day hike had a total of six strong hikes over this past week!  One of the Dingoes staff members received a trail name, Strong Pine, and one of the Dingoes students also received a trail name, Humble Cherry Blossom.  Three Dingoes were honored this week with tokens – “Giver” token, “Strong Cord” token, and “Openness” token were given out to students who demonstrated these qualities in the group.  The Dingoes had a week filled with music, laughter, and games. Two of our Dingoes said goodbyes this week to take on an opportunity to help mentor in a new “first camp Dingo” group, and shared that they were excited for this challenge.

Gnowees:  Holy cowee, we got three new Gnowees! Three students successfully completed First Camp and were welcomed into the Gnowees and celebrated with ceremonies. The students both challenged and supported each other throughout the week and set off on several strong hikes this week. The Gnowees honored a student with the Giver Token and had a trail naming ceremony for another Gnowee. The group made dream catchers together before being split into two groups. We played many games and worked on many skills throughout the week. The Gnowees are also working hard on building group culture.


Lorikeets:  The group had a discussion as to what they culture would look like and who would be their leader. All the girls will have a role to play in leadership, whether it is helping with hydration, hiking, hygiene, or cleaning up camp.  We had a ceremony initiating all the girls into being the Lorikeets. One “Keet “then received a token, brightness, for the joy she is able to bring both herself and the other members of the group.

Ulurus:  The Uluru grew a lot over this past week. Not one, but three new members joined us out in the desert. All three are well on their way to be getting out of first camp and have started making their backpacks and whittling their spoons. With a lot of new faces came the option of playing more diverse and complicated games, a fact which the Uluru were more than happy about. New games added to the repertoire of the group include Contact, Signs, and the very popular Werewolf. Though many new faces arrived, it was also time for one of our group members to leave. An amazing goodbye ceremony was prepared and off he went back into the world. Speaking of ceremonies, the Uluru decided this week to honor their therapist with a long overdue trail name. In a ceremony that they prepared and sprung on her in secret they gave her the name “Genuine Moon”. Finally one of the Uluru was honored with the “Winged Heart” token. It was a great week out in the West Desert.



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