Wilderness Weekly 6.30.17


The Keets said goodbye to their former leader and friend, as she left outback. Our new leader did an awesome job leading the group in welcoming two new Keets, this week. Two other Keets were both made mentors and are teaching the new Keets the ropes. One Keet got a visit from her mother and cooked her macaroni and apple pie. Two Keets both received tokens this week for being brave and processing experiences with wisdom. Our newest Keet moved out of first camp in 5 days, made her first spoon, backpack frame and busted successfully. 


Ulurus are enjoying hiking more! They had fun learning new games and being active during down time. The newest Uluru made it out of First camp this week and is enjoying his time with the main group, especially as the group spent time this week playing games together.Wilderness plants at Outback Therapeutic Expeditions


The Dingos enjoyed a pleasant first week of summer and grew tremendously together. During the beginning of the week, they played in the water at a nearby creek to cool off and enjoy an afternoon out of the summer heat. The Dingos also endured a challenging hike where they graciously supported one of their group members whose backpack fell apart. During the hike, the group made a makeshift stretcher out of materials from the field and helped him carry his pack and gear the rest of the hike. Lastly, the Dingos also honored two of their fellow members with the Brightness token and a trail name for the hard work, persistence, and willingness to be more open about who they are with the group.


The Brumbies designated a new leader this week and three of the boys earned tokens. The group completed the busting challenge that Trevor assigned them during group last week which means that every student busted and blew their coal into flames!


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