Wilderness Weekly 6.4.21

Photo Credit: Trevor Allen, Primary Therapist

Goannas:  Goannas had a challenging week that tested their fortitude. After a late start one day during the expedition portion of our week, the group quickly experienced how a later start during a day of hiking can impact overall mood and dynamic of the group; especially during the warmer months of the year. The group was able to take time to discuss the various lessons learned from the day and created strategies around time management and teamwork. Throughout the rest of our expedition phase of the week, the group woke earlier, managed their time more efficiently and was able to start their hikes earlier in the day. Midway through the week the group even had a chance to peak a mountain! At the top, the group created a ceremony site and honored one student and one staff. The student received the Peace Walker token and the staff received the Maker token. The Goannas saw the week end with two students heading into their Peak Week. The Goannas exhibited their resilience and drive to move forward this week!

Ulurus: The overarching theme for the Ulurus this week was working together as a community to overcame various challenges life had to offer up. As summer approaches and the temperatures rise, the warmer weather not only brings us beautiful floral blossoms, it also brings us the necessary insects who are a natural part of the ecosystem. As one can imagine however, the combination of the aforementioned elements created a level of distraction, annoyance and frustration for us this week. With that said, the staff were able to witness how each of the Ulurus channeled this experience to bond and come closer together. They looked out for each other under these circumstances and showed compassion for one another. The group hiked very well during the expedition portion of the week and the more experienced students did well with guiding the newer members through the hikes and working on their packs. We played a lot of new games this week between word games, campfire games, and physical games with the hacky sack. Overall, Ulurus had a challenging yet rewarding week. 

Brumbies: The week brought some discord to the Brumbies yet the students were able to find harmony and understanding as they proactively worked together as a community. The group bonded early in the week over a number of games. Students built card decks and chess boards and joined together for many competitive and exciting games such as BS. They also managed to hike consistently well and go on a fun day hike to Grassy Mountain! Though tested by bug season and their own personal and interpersonal challenges, the group pulled through stronger and more united.

Lorikeets: The Lorikeets had a few students transition from first camp during the first half of our week. Students did exceptionally well on the hikes and powered through the bugs, warmer temperatures, and getting their bodies acclimated to desert living in some cases. We had more students join the Lorikeets later in the week. Overall, the students spent lots of time busting, working on skills, making A-frames, as well as making friends and connecting with one another. Additionally, students spent time getting to know the newer members of the group as well as working on their Ngaras and other therapeutic assignments. Although the week proved to be arduous at times, the Lorikeets were able to regroup, support one another, and come together. 


Here’s What’s Happening in 1st Camp@ outBACK

It was a quiet week in first camp. Students constructed their backpacks and completed their 1st camp books throughout the day. The evenings were spent taking short walks near main camp to enjoy the sunset. Several students transitioned from first camp to join their main groups and begin their outBACK journey. All left feeling more prepared for the challenges ahead.


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