Wilderness Weekly 6.6.20

Orange sunset in the wilderness

Dingoes:  The Dingoes enjoyed an awesome night hike for the first time this week to bypass the higher temperatures of the day. Many a night were spent under the stars, playing word games and naming cows walking through the desert pastures. Conflicts came up and were resolved in a quick manner, the therapeutic aspect of this is, indeed, invaluable. The brotherhood that the Dingoes create in their group is inspiring and life changing for many of our students. The support this week between peers is amazing. This week, the Dingoes were engaged in many intelligent conversations including but not limited to: physics, philosophy, life and the universe as a whole. Though there were struggles this week, a lesson was learned that through struggle growth is attained. A couple new students came into the Dingoes this week and were accepted with open and welcoming arms. These new students quickly got on top of their group responsibilities and got their first fire! A creek flowed through our therapy site this week and our group took initiative in building a dam to enjoy a swim in the hot desert sun. 

Gnowees:  Early in the week, one Gnowee finished all her first camp tasks and was honored in ceremony with her Gnowee crown. Another Gnowee was honored with the trail name Resilient Current. One Gnowee was honored with the token Openness, one with Journey Keeper, and another with Hewed Stone. A staff was also honored with the token Giver. The Gnowees had a blowing into flames busting challenge and played games. Three Gnowees left the group to move on to their next steps, and one Gnowee joined us from First Camp. The group did four full hikes, and all were night hikes to avoid the heat of the day. At therapy site, two Gnowees went on solo to prepare for virtual parent visits and two Gnowees received news they are going to their next step this week.

Brumbies: The Brumbies had a very fun and exciting week this week. They really enjoyed visiting a spring and peaking a mountain in the Keg Mountain range. They saw some wonderful sights and views in the field this week. They had a bora ground ceremony to celebrate Compassionate Moon’s birthday, and they showed their competitive spirit through games such as double ball and busting challenges. They also did improv comedy on a stage that they built in a natural rocky wash. 

Ulurus: The Ulurus had a great week, pushing through four night hikes. They had the opportunity to bond during gatherings under the stars. The week was full of many games, including handmade Uno and Magic the Gathering as well as ghost and contact. There is a lot of strong leadership in this group. Many students all stepped up to lead the group working towards a more positive group culture. The students worked through some challenging group conversation in order to reach some great moments of resolving conflict. We held a ceremony on Monday honoring many students with tokens and Unbreakable Flame with his trail name. 


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Highlights: The group enjoyed many mid-day siestas in the shade as temperatures rose this week. Students steadily came and went all week, moving on to their therapy groups. Backpacks were built, spoons were carved and the campers took several short hikes to enjoy the sunset from different vantages in preparation for the longer pack hikes to come.


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