Wilderness Weekly 6.7.18

Dingoes: The Dingoes had a busy week. We hiked almost every day; sometimes crossing beautiful streams and grassy fields. Spring is arriving in the desert, and the Dingoes enjoyed seeing all the new life emerge. One Dingo received a new trail name (Adventurous Firefly). Another received the Dingoes token, and a couple of them created custom tokens for friends who were departing or showed great leadership this week. The older Dingoes accepted new arrivals with open hearts and were accepting of newfound vulnerability. There were a couple of stressful situations this week and the Dingoes were able to stay calm, cool, and did not let anything get them down. They were able to practice the skill of finding enjoyment and peace in the journey of life.

Gnowees: After all the rain that has graced us over the past weeks, we definitely enjoyed the bright sunshine that came our way this week. With it, we were able to enjoy sights of the wild flowers, green grass, and butterflies. We presented one of our Gnowees with the Gnowee token; the highest honor a group member can receive. With group elders excelling at passing down Gnowee culture, they turned their attention to mentoring a new arrival. We all connected during vulnerable times and truly amazed the staff with their ability and commitment to maintaining a safe space for emotions and tears while growing in strength as a group.

Goannas: We started off the week peaking a mountain, which was a good and exciting way to start the week. The students found a patch of snow and had some fun giggling and sliding down it together. The struggles of the week brought to the surface, undesirable dynamics within the group. Members of the Goannas recognized the current climate of the group and took it upon themselves to have an impromptu gathering to name and address things. It ended with great resolve and the group was able to make way towards a healthy and optimistic closure. Everyone was able to tap into a place of vulnerability and accountability, which helped to get to the root of the issues. Two of the students received tokens while another was given the trail name of evolving galaxy.

Brumbies: This was a gritty yet rewarding week for the Brumbies! After a few days of colder weather and lots of rain, we were happy to see blue skies and warm days during our time at our therapy site. After accomplishing five rugged and glorious hikes, the Brumbies held two token ceremonies for two deserving students that showed inspiring growth throughout the week. They look forward to growing closer in the future weeks and attacking any challenges that may come their way!

Ulurus: The Ulurus started their week with a split in group beliefs. After bringing the disagreement to a formal gathering and coming to a happy conclusion the group was able to agree on a step down of leadership in order to recreate the group’s core beliefs. As the week progressed, individuals shined in leading and supporting new students as they strived to finish their first hikes. After a well-deserved rest day, due to a new intake, the group was able to come together and help three new students get their required tasks done and transition into first camp. At the end of the week, the Ulurus honored two of the eldest members in a formal ceremony with tokens and leadership positions. The evolution of the Uluru group was evident throughout this week and the students worked hard to create a stronger Uluru culture.


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