Wilderness Weekly 6.9.17


We celebrated the achievements of a Brumbies member by presenting him with the Awakening token. He was given this token because of his keen insights regarding his role within family conflict and a change in perspective that is not easily ascertained.

Another member of the Brumbies received a trail name, ‘Fighting Dragon’. He has proved himself invested in the Brumbies group more so with each passing day. We hope that he can connect to his trail name and find even more reason to further experience growth here at Outback.

desert flowers in the center of a rock circle at a wilderness therapy campOne of the Brumbies members received the token of truth speaker. He has proved himself a worthy receiver of this token because he is consistently advocated just and truthful speech as he uses his talents in this arena to weigh his decisions with emotion and logic


The group leader had his parent visit, and honored his mother and father with the Giver and Strong Cord tokens
respectively. In the same day received the Strong Cord token for his efforts in keeping the group working and growing together.

Students found wonder in the natural world, observing jackrabbits, birds and lizards. One lizard took a liking to the Dingoes and hung out for a while, walking around students arms accepting gentle pets from the group.

The Dingoes gathered in closely, discussing their thoughts on the great free will VS determinism debate, and connecting how their attitudes on this affected their lives.


The Lorikeets had two first campers join our main camp this week. We hiked in the moonlight several days and enjoyed some beautiful scenery in the morning as well. We also encountered a lot of wildlife!Eagle flying over wilderness therapy area

First Camp:

With so many new kids we were able to start their own first camp where they could acclimate to the dessert and learn some invaluable Outback skills like making their backpacks and their spoons.

All six students completed their first camp tasks and all were excited to join their respective groups. We celebrated also celebrated a birthday with letters from family and doughnuts from the desert fairy. The boys enjoyed a surprise water fight and playing Zoogle.


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