Wilderness Weekly 7.14.17


Two ceremonies this week for the Brumbies. One Brumbie received the Making Amends token and another got his trail name: Spiritual Honu. The boys also enjoyed making a dam in a small stream and played in the water on a sunny afternoon.


One Keet received the Lorikeet token during her goodbye ceremony, she was very proud of this. Another Keet held a ‘letting go’ ceremony and also received the Letting Go token. Our staff, Victoria received her trail name, Fierce River. And the girls worked hard at communicating openly and with compassion this week.


The Dingos enjoyed sleeping under the stars this week as well as Playing guitar, and singing songs around camp. They also did a peak on Erickson Knoll, and saw a wicked cool thunderstorm off in the distance. On that peak, they made clay tokens representing a piece of ourselves they wanted to let go, then threw them off the peak. They also played a ton of games this week and learned some awesome new ones.


The leadership was passed on to another Uluru this week and he was also honored with the Strong Cord token. One Uluru had his parent visit and they welcomed a new boy to their group. The group got to hang out and cool off in a creek at one of their sites and also enjoyed playing lots of games.


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