Wilderness Weekly 7.2.21

A Sunset in the field at Outback Therapeutic Expeditions for Teens

Goannas:  The Goannas this week focused on building culture and what unity looks like when coming together as a collective. They played double ball every day and worked on skills and busting. One ceremony circle was held where a student received the trail name “Crimson Panther”. The group was presented with logistical challenges and rose above to have fun and learn to live and work as a group. One student managed to bust 60 coals within a week, and a second student managed to bust 53 coals in a day! Some of the students also learned to make Atlatls and used them in a target-based throwing competition. Finally, the week ended with a bunch of games utilizing the cooling element of water to help stave off some of the heat in the middle of the day.

Brumbies: This week the Brumbies were able to experience everything from the desert rain to supporting and encouraging others; especially during the expedition phase of the week. At the start of the week, the group worked on their packing skills, shared tips on how best to prepare oneself for varying weather patterns on any given day, as well as discussed the art of humor; when to use it and when to hold back. They also played a variety of games from capture the flag to a version of Among Us. They supported each other during group discussions by positively listening to and responding to difficulties we faced. They also pondered on who they envision themselves to be in the future. Several members presented each other with tokens for being harmonious and remaining calm in the midst of facing challenges.  

Cassowaries: This week in the Cassowaries, the theme was vision. We took the time to discuss exactly what that looks like and means to each individual. Throughout the week we talked about emotional landscaping, the importance of having a good relationship with oneself, facing fears, being mindful, and what we want for our futures. Everyone shared their plans, goals, and how we can best support one another throughout our time together.

Cassowaries: This week the cassowaries also welcomed new members into the group. Time was taken to get to know one another better and share parts of who we are. The group worked both together and individually on skills such as fire-making, carving spoons, wood A-frame backpacks, sewing projects and even learning how to solar cook. The expedition portion of the week brought us great hikes that allowed the group to work together to read topography maps to find our next destination. One of the hikes, where we went higher into the mountains, gave the group the opportunity to use a star chart to locate constellations, watch shooting stars, and talk about what our dreams and wishes are for our lives, signing off on another good week!

Lorikeets: It was an exciting week for the Lorikeets. As the group neared the end of the Simpson mountain range they experienced a shift in weather with gentle rainfall in the evenings. The group took on more responsibility by taking the time to review maps and lead their own hikes. The group successfully made it to the therapy site where two Keets received their trail naming ceremonies (Poetic Riptide and Spirited Wildflower). The group spent time during groups processing the realities of feeling homesick and working on having a heart at peace while giving advice to one another. The week ended with an evening of improvised games using sticks and hand sewn hacky sacks.

Ulurus: The Ulurus started off their week by holding a farewell ceremony for their most veteran member of the group and shifted leadership positions to other senior members. To further develop student leadership skills and ensure individual needs were being met, the Ulurus were split into two groups – the Ice Boys and the Tuna Ramens. Throughout the week, Ulurus had strong expedition days, ending up at the Oasis for their therapy site. A new member was welcomed and embraced by the group as a whole, as other group leaders went off for some adventure therapy during their PEAK Week. The week ended off by honoring students with trail names, and several students and staff with tokens.


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