Wilderness Weekly 7.27.18


Brumbies: The Brumbies worked hard this week completing 5 hikes! One hike was extremely difficult, as it passed over a saddle. The group came together to overcome fatigue and frustration. Each site was filled with awesome “desert treasures” including bones and spectacular rocks. Lots of mind-based games were played this week, including concentration, contact, poison dart frog, and werewolf. Additionally, the group played infection and everybody’s it. This week, the clinical theme was based around family and relationships. Each student completed a genogram, a type of family mapping, and shared with the group family patterns and dynamics. Moreover, the group focused on identifying thinking errors they commonly use and worked towards adapting to healthier thinking patterns. One fierce Brumbie completed his first camp assignments and was welcomed into the main group by sharing his life story. Two Brumbies were honored this week with the Openness and Peace Walker tokens. Furthermore, the Brumbies passed on the logistical and emotional leaderships roles. Group members offered them advice and words of encouragement for the future. The Brumbies made great explorations this week, both within themselves and the desert around them!

Gnowees:  This week was full of ceremonies! 2 Gnowees got their trail names, Glistening Rose and Wise Patronus. Many students received tokens; one student received peace walker for keeping the group together in continuous times, another got Openness for her progress in sharing her story, and one got Giver for how they provide support for the group. Two staff received tokens as well.  The students presented one staff with the Maker token for the way they inspire others to create and another received Truth Speaker for wise words and being intentional with what is being spoken. The group also got to utilize the hand cart! They were able to come together and work as a team to push it on their hikes.

Dingoes:  The week began with a rough start for the Dingoes.  Group cohesion and motivation were not it’s highest or best yet with as the Dingoes began implementing a solid morning routine, it proved to be useful as things began to shift and togetherness became the theme.  Four tokens were given to different students and one to a therapist.  We peaked Blackcrook Mountain and played in Sherwood forest.  Three students had very meaningful parent visits and a very reflective solo experience.  The group gazed on as they watched the wild horses and mule during hikes.  We also came across a cow skull and two buck sheds in our desert treasure explorative day hikes.  We processed harvested wood such as willow, mahogany, and oak and were able to activate the maker in many of the students.

Pindari: The Pindari had an exciting week! One of our group received his trail name this week: Noble Bison.  He also was honored with a Brightness token. Another student, Vibrant Trailblazer, received the Strong Cord and Making Amends token this week, and was also camping on solo in preparation for leaving the field this upcoming Thursday. Two staff were honored with tokens as well: Giver and Peacewalker.  One of our Pindari had a Parent Visit this Tuesday, and shared with the group that it went very well. Our group made their own deck of cards this week, and had a week filled with games, word puzzles, and creating with their hands (the group made ocarinas and slings with staff guidance). A great week overall!

Uluru:  It was another amazing week in the Uluru. We received a new student who has transitioned incredibly well into the group. We spent the week exploring Judd Canyon where we found willow, made spears, and took respite from the warm desert sun.  We played lots of games. We made friends with a local Tarantula named Jeff. We gave a staff her trail name (Soaring Raven). Overall, we enjoyed the desert, talked about our lives, and learned a lot about ourselves. As always, here’s to another great week in the Uluru!


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