Wilderness Weekly 7.28.17


The group peaked Red Pine! They did an awesome job, and really helped out a staff member who has a significant fear of heights reach the top. We were able to play lots of games, and some members of the Brumbies learned to play some cords and songs on a guitar this week!


A Keet received her trail name, Radiant Ember, for her passion and inner fire that she shows for the group. Radiant Ember also received a token, Strong Cord, for the love and support she shows for her family. The girls sang lots of songs to keep energy up on hikes this week.


Our Field Guide, Jefferson received the Dingo token and Field Guide, Caro received Solid Ground. During the rain storm on Monday night the group really rallied together and put up shelters to stay dry. One Dingo had a very successful parent visit.

The group also divided into smaller groups last night and worked on their coping skills will great success—they enjoyed themselves and were much more regulated when it came to bed time.

One student received a Maker token with Openness on the back for all of his hard work—it was his first token.


Three Uluru students all received trail names this week and two Uluru students had parent visits and received tokens.

The group held a gathering and opened up to each other and allowed themselves to be vulnerable with their feelings, and a more guarded member of the group even shed a few tears in which he was supported by his fellow Ulurus.


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