Wilderness Weekly 7.6.18

Dingoes: The Dingoes peaked Indian Peak and enjoyed the incredible views it had to offer. On the way, the group worked on managing anxiety and staying together as a team. Students focused on thinking errors and expressing frustration with each other in ways that would leave a positive impact.  The group has been rebuilding its culture and core values as dynamics have changed after some recent Dingoes have left the group. The group hiked several more times, with a relaxation day with hotdogs and watermelon for the Fourth of July.

Goannas: The Goannas are one of the newest groups at Outback. The group spent much of their time getting to know each other and working very hard to establish a new group culture. A few elder students from the Dingoes joined and helped lead a culture gathering, establishing an environment of inclusion and acceptance. Two students, Persistent Bee and Curious Monkey, were honored with tokens throughout the week. In addition, several of the newest outbackers created their wooden backpacks and busted coals into flame for the first time!

Brumbies: Three Brumbies received tokens this week. Brightness, True-Speaker, Journey-Keeper. Along with these ceremonies, the Brumbies passed down leadership to two new students who will help lead the group. This was split into an Emotional Leader role which includes setting goals and intentions for the group as well as a Logistical leader role which includes designating group chores and leading hikes. Our three new students are making progress into our main group by exhibiting great ambition in fire busting. Our newest Brumby busted a coal on his first attempt and is a natural at this skill set. We finished the week celebrating a birthday and a big July 4th celebration.

Gnowees: The Gnowees had an awesome week! We spent time getting to know each other and discussing hopes, intentions, and what the students wanted the group culture to look like. Radiant Ember was honored with group leadership, Vibrant Crystal received her trail name, and two Gnowees were honored with tokens this week. The group focused on learning about and discussing the Path of Two Ways through gatherings and reading the Anatomy of Peace. The students also began working on individual vision statements and explored emotional regulation. The group bonded together strongly and supported each other on two challenging night hikes. Overall, it was a fun week filled with a lot of laughter!

Lorikeets: This week the Lorikeets explored their group culture, honored many students and staff with tokens, peaked an 8,000 ft mountain, and had a “ghost challenge” where students take the reins and plan the day and hikes for the weekend. We celebrated one student’s birthday with a game of double-ball, a costume dinner party, and a dance party under the stars. The Lorikeets had a number of mature conversations about their group dynamics and ended the week with a hot dog and watermelon celebration for the 4th of July!

Ulurus: This week the Uluru welcomed a few new students into the group. Everyone did an excellent job saddling the Blackcrook Mountain, one of the largest in the field, while carrying all their gear! There was much bonding within the group as we celebrated Independence Day by recognizing and appreciating the freedom within our country. There were also an abundance of hotdogs, watermelon, and other goodies. The group also honored a few members with trail names and tokens.


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