Wilderness Weekly 7.7.17


This week we peaked an 8,000 foot mountain this week and proved to ourselves that we were all quite a bit stronger than we thought we were.


The Uluru woke at dawn to magnificent rays of sunshine poking through the clouds.  They hiked up to a nearby ridge, and honored one of their own with a trail name: Energetic Fox.
On Independence Day, the Uluru expressed their gratefulness for freedom, hot dogs, and watermelon.
The Uluru also found relief from the heat and a reward for their arduous hike in the cool water of a mountain creek.
The group had the good fortune of receiving 3 group meals including a 4th of July celebratory meal of Hot Dogs, Chips and Watermelon.  All 3 meals were very well received by the group with different chefs for each meal.
During the week a staff member was honored with the GIVING token as well as a trail name.  3 students received trail names and were very proud of them.  1 student had a Parent Visit and he was quite pleased with the outcome.
Much fun was had playing capture the flag, sardines, and ghost in the graveyard. The group celebrated the 4th of July with hot dogs, watermelon and chips. A Brumbie received his trail name,  “Soulful Star” a well as the Openness token,


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