Wilderness Weekly 8.11.17


Two Dingos were honored with tokens: Strong Cord and Truth Speaker. The Dingos weathered there storm with some stellar tarps and even made a morning hike on the 9th in record time!

Two trail names were also received, Contemplative Shaman and Turbulent Cloud. Contemplative Shaman embraced his new name by creating a stellar mask from wood that he found. He now walks proudly with the spirits of the desert.


This week the Keets said goodbye to their leader, Seeking Stallion. And leadership was handed to our senior Keet, Radiant Ember. Resilient Phoenix was given her trail name, Resilient Phoenix. The girls also peaked Red Pine and did an incredible job supporting one another on the steep terrain. The girls are becoming stronger every day and this week was a great hiking week! Connected Star got to visit with her parents. The girls learned how to make dream catchers with Kendra and Jess.


We had one Uluru receive the Journey Keeper token, and another received the Uluru token, and another received his trail name. 

The boys headed out and attempted to peak the beautiful mountain, Red Pine twice. Though they didn’t make it to the top, they had a good time along the way.


The week was great! We were able to play in a creek that was super close to camp this week. The Brumbies were also able to see some petroglyphs that were on the side of some rocks.

They also had a trail name ceremony and a token ceremony which was initiated by another group member to honor his Brumbie brother.


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