Wilderness Weekly 8.17.19

Dingoes: This week had a lot of peaks, both metaphorically and physically. We were able to climb Black Crook, one of the desert’s tallest mountains, and the students crushed it. The view from the top was beautiful and we talked about future goals that symbolize peaks in our own lives. One Dingo received his trail name, Devoted Buffalo, and students were awarded the openness, winged heart, and giver tokens. The students also gave a guide his trail name, Courageous Shark. Overall, the Dingoes took on new challenges and were able to push past them by working together and putting in their all.

Gnowees: The Gnowees had a fantastic week. They had to begin the week by saying goodbye to their Gnowee sisters, Thoughtful Raven and Sunny Sunflower. The girls got to explore boulders and perform a talent show on the side of a mountain in a field of yellow flowers. The girls had a great week playing ukulele and singing. One special Gnowee received the trail name Brave Butterfly. The Gnowees also enjoyed giving their field staff trail names. Their field therapist received the trail name Gentle River, as well as the token strong cord. The Gnowees worked to make a field guide have a special birthday by giving him the trail name Serene Redwood and the token peace walker. The Gnowees were very appreciative and therefore had many ceremonies this week. One special Gnowee received the token brightness, Energetic Bumble received openness, Red Dawn received solid ground and Feisty Mountain received letting go. This week the girls focused on family and how to improve communication and futuristic goals for themselves. Two lucky Gnowees were excited to have parent visits. Overall, the Gnowees were upbeat and supportive to one another, allowing them to continue their personal growth.

Goannas: We had a great week. Our crew had a memorable and fortunate hiked to a campsite before a rainstorm began to fall down upon us. With a nice shelter set up and snug and dry, the kids busted hot coals in the rain and were super excited by the accomplishment of making fire in the rain. Next we hiked toward black crook, the tallest peak in the desert, and had an epic hike through some of the most beautiful rolling landscape.  While the hike was exhausting, the sense of accomplishment and the beauty of our destination was quite rewarding. The arrival location was called Sherwood forest, a scrub oak forest with a small stream flowing through it.  Here we crafted skills, gave the trail name Radiating Monk to a student, had two sets of parents visit their children, welcomed back a student from Peak, invited a new student into the group, and ended the week on a heart felt note in the goodbye ceremony for those moving on beyond Outback. This week resulted in the Goannas forming and maintaining a solid group culture and cultivating a rich discussion for who they want to become as the “veteran” boys transition onto their next adventure and the newer members of the group become responsible to carry the culture.

Brumbies: The Brumbies were challenged by their hikes this week. Although the beginning of the week had the boys struggling to adjust, the group members worked hard to come together to support and encourage one another during each hike. Members practiced skills of mindfulness by remaining in the present moment each day. This consisted of things such as pointing out different foliage, the incredible view of the mountains, and how streams meandered along the trail. Throughout the week, the Brumbies peaked terrain that reached over 7000 feet and completed over 18 miles! It would be an understatement to say that each member is proud of the hard work he put in to help achieve the group goals. At the end of the week, members came together to honor a Brumbie with the trail name, Fearless Peacemaker, in a beautiful stream found alongside a campsite.


Peak Week – Adventure Therapy @ outBACK

This week was the tour of the lakes. The group got to enjoy three different lakes on this weeks peak. Quail creek state park was by far the best lake we went to. The lakes were a nice break from the hot summer days and the boys enjoyed cooling off in the water. The staff taught the boys the game 500 and it became their favorite game of the week. On top of going to 3 different lakes, our first adventure included spelunking in some lava tubes. In the tubes we achieved total blackness and got to experience a fun visual meditation that helped the boys to learn more about themselves. We also got to spend a day in shotgun alley rock climbing. Everyone excelled at both rock climbing and belaying. We all enjoyed our peak week and agreed how memorable the week had been and the various reminders the students gleaned on how they have the necessary tools to continue their success beyond wilderness.

Photo Credit: Peak Week Crew


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