Wilderness Weekly 8.18.17


The Keets were faced with many team-building challenges this week as they took more ownership and leadership in the group. The Keets the week mastered a new challenge as a team by creating a giant busting set to create fire and after two days of hard work finally busted a coal together! The Keets were also given the task of pushing all their gear in a hand cart through the desert and they conquered their hike in record time. Additionally, a Keet was honored with a Winged-Heart token for her depth and insight as she continues to think about important relationships in her life.


Two students were honored with tokens this week, one with Vital Fire and the other with the coveted

Brumbie Token. One of the staff was honored with a trail name. The group hiked to the top of a nearby peak and watched a lightning storm in the distance. They spent the night in a large field surrounded by mountains and star gazed.


The Uluru displayed quick acrobatic moves and bonded in a favorite new hacky sack game. The group showed growth in both physical endurance and compassion in their hiking over the week.

Students took initiative and responsibility well in their first ghost challenge, leading the whole day from wake up to packing and hiking themselves while staff observed in silence.


The Dingoes are setting up to peak Indian this week! They have explored the area near their latest campsite thoroughly, finding hawk feathers, a ground spring, and many new plants they haven’t yet seen in the field. The group chose a new leader on Friday and the boys are enjoying his unique leadership style. One of the staff celebrated her birthday in the group by spending a beautifully sunny morning playing group games on a mountain hillside. All of the Dingoes now have trail names, with their newest member being honored in a solemn and soulful ceremony early in the week.



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