Wilderness Weekly 8.25.17

All the groups enjoyed receiving solar eclipse glasses and loved watching through them to view the 91% totality of the eclipse. It was a marvelous sight.


Witty Wizard received “Vital Fire” token, Kind Moon Shadow Received “Making Amends” token, and Turbulent Cloud received “Letting Go” token.

The Dingoes summited Indian Peak and held a ceremony for Turbulent Cloud, where he received a custom made crossroads token.


The Keets were super pumped about busting, worked to finish their individual sets and worked very hard to bust all week.

This week they said goodbye to their fearless leader, Radiant Ember who went on Goodbye Solo and appointed Resilient Phoenix as the new leader. After sharing her story with the group, Resilient Phoenix received the openness token.

Fierce River received the Vital Fire token and Feisty Phoenix fit right into Keet culture. The girls also excelled at hiking with Aspen, their big hand kart used to carry their packs.


One student got his trail name, Enlightened Lotusutra.  Two students received tokens; Journey Keeper and Winged Heart, respectively

The Pindari are stellar hikers and were merging beautifully as a unified group by the end of the week. We played lots of games, and had some really in depth and lovely gatherings.


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