Wilderness Weekly 8.3.19

Dingoes: Saturday we peaked a mountain in Judd Canyon and the view was epic. It was an amazing setting at the top where we held two ceremonies. One was a trail name, Inspirational Fire and the other was a token for a student who earned the strong cord token. Later that day, we honored another student by giving him the title of emotional leader of the group. This group member was particularly happy to receive the name and to have been acknowledged as a positive force in the group. Over the course of the week, we witnessed him use his skills to support and help many fellow students. Sunday night we had an epic cross country hike saddling a mountain and going into a ravine. It was challenging for the students yet they pushed through and made it to their destination. Over the course of the rest of the week we had two students in first camp successfully create bow drill coals, blow them into flames and make their packs. The Dingoes also had a chance to welcome in an additional member to the group earlier in the week. Overall it was a great week with the kids all making strides on their personal work and growth.

Gnowees: The Gnowees had an amazing week filled with sunshine and creeks. They were able to peak a mountain, and spend time in a creek that ran alongside them for most of their hikes. It allowed them to take advantage of the cold water to cool themselves down while receiving mud facials.  Several Gnowees were recognized and honored during some heartfelt token ceremonies throughout this week: Seeker, Giver, Openesss, and Awakening. We were able to hold some very healing gatherings, and enjoyed being able to have some processing time while hiking. One of the Gnowees had this to say about her experience this week by stating, “This has been my best week at Outback. I’ve truly felt happy this week and am loving it!”

Goannas: The Goannas had a fantastic week filled with lots of games and hiking. They enjoyed games such as werewolf and choose your own destiny. The Goannas were excited to be the first group of 2019 to peak Indian. They were able to enjoy several different hikes this week. One of the hikes was a challenging cross country hike where they were able to saddle a mountain and enjoy looking up at the stars. The boys spent lots of time appreciating the night sky, seeing shooting stars and the Milky Way. The Goannas received a new member who was especially appreciative of the view. One very special Goanna was honored with the trail name Resilient Redwood and share this with his mother on their parent visit. The group worked hard on practicing busting, making rings out of mahogany and perfecting their cooking techniques. They were thankful to find new recipes in a memory jar on the top of Indian. The Goannas also prepared to say goodbye to Loyal Lion, an important leader in the group.

Brumbies: This week the Brumbies saw some of their brothers transition from the program and wished them luck as they go move on to their next journey. With newer students joining the group, many of the students stepped up and took on new leadership roles. These students took on the responsibilities magnificently and helped create a beautiful group dynamic. We had token ceremonies for Resilient Crow who received Winged Heart, Humble Grizzly who received Solid Ground, and Courageous Wolf who received the Brumbie token. After a few challenging hikes, we arrived at a beautiful therapy site where we had a trail naming ceremony for Golden Eclipse. It was, indeed, another great week with the Brumbies!

Ulurus: The Ulurus were met with many surprises this week. As we honored those moving onto the next step in their journeys, the remaining students worked to fill the various leadership roles within the group. As new students joined to help things along, the group worked hard to cultivate and nourish the new group dynamic. By the end of the week, the Ulurus had forged an amazing brotherhood. One of the hikes we experienced was long and challenging and it brought to light, the strength of the Ulurus. As they reached the peak of a nearby mountain, the aforementioned strength was confirmed by the strong sense of identity this particular group of students exhibited as team members. A member received two tokens and the ceremonies inspired several students to work hard towards their goals.


Peak Week – Adventure Therapy @ outBACK

The Peak Week students adventured down into Southern Utah! We were able to fit in many activities with the crew. We started off the week picking up students who were eager to try new things. We arrived at our campsite just North of the Outback groups as we had an opening ceremony and spaghetti for dinner (YUM)! We provided space for the students to get to know one other before needing to go to sleep in preparation for the week ahead. We woke up early the next morning, packed up and started our Peak Week Journey!

The group had a chance to explore lava tubes and were all geared up with headlamps and helmets. They absolutely loved this activity, especially the special gathering we had in the cave. We continued our trip by wading in a lake, getting our hair wet and seeing crawfish. That night, some of the Peak Week students cooked quesadillas for everyone. We followed up the next day by going rock climbing! We woke up early to go to Yuba State Park as we played around with the football and soccer ball. We had lots of fun all week and we ended it with Jumbalaya for dinner and Trail naming ceremonies.

Photo Credit: Peak Week Crew


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