Wilderness Weekly 8.31.19

Photo Credit: Peak Week Crew

Dingoes: The group came together this week and practiced effective communication. They had faster pack ups than normal and set a new standard for the Dingoes. During a ceremony early in the week a student was honored with the token Brightness. We had another powerful token/trail name ceremony one night during a beautiful sunset. One student received the Dingo token, Hewed stone was given to another student, and Flaming Ram was given as a trail name. Our hikes took place in the evenings, and the boys pushed themselves and were pleased with their timing getting into the sites. During the days they stayed busy with busting, playing games, working on skills, and having meaningful gatherings. One student finished a bull roarer and had a parent visit. We had students receive news of their next adventures beyond outBACK and we also welcomed back some of our team mates what had returned from Peak Week.

Gnowees: The Gnowees had an exciting week. The girls said goodbye to one of their Gnowees at the beginning of the week. Throughout the week the girls were able to do many hikes. One of which where the group completed seven miles in less than four hours! The Gnowees got the chance to peak Erickson’s Knoll. For Red Dawn, this was her second opportunity to peak this mountain and she was able to speak about the growth she has seen within herself and her fellow Gnowees.

This week, the Gnowees learned a new game called ‘name that animal’. They had many laughs creating the sounds of the wilderness animals they knew. Our Wanaga came into the field and shared an initiative that taught the girls the importance of asking for help. The Gnowees practiced the art of gratitude this week as they experienced various changes within themselves and within the group. Surfing Sunset and Gentle River got the token Giver and the students also chose to give a staff the maker token for the gift of creativity.

Goannas: This week the Goannas had a successful week of hiking, busting, and completing group tasks. The Goannas worked to pack up camp efficiently each day. As the newest group member worked to adjust to hiking, he was continuously supported and encouraged by his brothers. Each day members were challenged to be in the present moment, and practiced different guided meditations. The boys discussed the challenges they faced when focused on breathing, as well as the benefits they received. The group enjoyed some downtime each day, in which members enjoyed working on nagarnas and meditating. The week ended with one member of the group being honored with their trail name: Compassionate Moon. Overall, it was a joyful week for the Goannas!

Brumbies: Brumbies had a very eventful week which included a lot of support for each other and a lot of learning moments. Brumbies held a token ceremony on top of one of the mountains and honored a few of their peers, along with handing off Logistical Leader and Emotional Leader. Many of the hikes we had were challenging, and while it came with some frustrating moments, the students came together well by supporting each other through their difficulties on these hikes and have learned to love each other like brothers.


Peak Week – Adventure Therapy @ outBACK

We took our Peak Week crew touring Lava tubes in fillmore, rock climbing in St. george, and to several lakes around Utah. We loved touring the lava tube caves with headlamps and helmets. We then drove south to St. George where the weather was warm and sunny. While we were camping at a spot in St George before rock climbing, we noticed a nearby campsite had been littered with trash and so we all jumped up to go clean and do a service project. We then went rock climbing where everyone met their goals and excelled in the sport of climbing. In the end, they continued to state how we had many memorable experiences and had the chance to be in beautiful destinations of Utah. All the students learned more about themselves and were grateful for the experience they shared.

Photo Credit: Peak Week Crew


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