Wilderness Weekly 8.4.17


Two members of the Keets were honored this week with tokens for their personal growth and tremendous contributions to the group. One member received her trail name.

After a challenging first hike of the week, the girls rallied together to hike one of their longest hikes yet with solidarity and support for each other and they made it to camp in record time.



Various token ceremonies were held this week. Staff and students were honored with tokens and in one of these ceremonies an elder Brumbies passed on leadership to another member of the group

One Brumbie was honored with the Making Amends token; this was especially meaningful after thisstudent had experienced an amazing parent visit on the previous day where emotions ran high. The token signified the student’s amazing vulnerability and capacity for mending family relationships.

Morale was high in the Brumbies throughout the week as they played games nearly every day as incentive for the group to continue improving personal growth as well as strengthening group culture and dynamics.


The Dingos summited Black Crook Mountain with a mega-marathon 8 hour and 45 minute hike which all the boys and staff agreed was quite a feat.

Various token ceremonies were also held this week forstudents and staff. Another Dingo hosted a very successful Parent Visit and was honored with a token from staff during the token ceremony for his parents.


The Uluru’s showed unity and compassion when one of their own struggled to hike. They even took some of the student’s pack weight to help out and encouraged him along.

They also demonstrated gratitude and expressed appreciation for one of the staff by honoring him with the Uluru token for being an excellent example of their pillars which are
Respect, Openness, Courage and Unity.


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