Wilderness Weekly 9.1.17


This week the Keets worked hard to collectively bust a coal on a hand drill set, a feat of coordination and team work. One of the Keets was honored with the Brightness token for her hard work overcoming difficult emotions and beginning to truly thrive in the wilderness. The students also really enjoyed an impromptu costume dinner party.


The Dingoes peaked Red Pine on Friday, making them one of the elite groups in Outback history to have peaked the three main mountains in the field area during their time here! They also experimented with a giant busting set this week, succeeding in getting a coal twice!

Each Dingo successfully led a hike this week, guiding the group to new sites with confidence. The boys experienced the magic of the program, each receiving a Story Keeper in which to record their journey at Outback, created rock slings together, and honored a student and a staff each with a token.

Of course, it wouldn’t be the Dingoes without tons of goofy fun – the boys invented the Tales of Gat-Man, their new favorite underdog superhero, and followed him as he defeated villains and fought alien invaders. What a giggle-filled week for the Dingoes!


The Pindari excelled on two difficult hikes spanning from one mountain range to another; earning them a celebratory watermelon from Trevor.

One member of the Pindari has remained engaged in his therapeutic process with determination and passion, earning himself the Vital Fire token this week.

Another member of the Pindari earned the Maker token for his abilities in mastering the hard skills at Outback as well as showing keen awareness on how he can be involved in the day to day activities at Outback to make things run smoothly.

The Pindari enjoyed a sunset hike up to a ridge where they were able to reflect on their day and have some fun navigating the beautiful rock formations.


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