Wilderness Weekly 9.15.17


This week the Keets celebrated one of its members with a token ceremony. She was given the Brightness token for her ability to bring light and joy to those around her. Also, this week EVERY Keet busted a coal for the group meal and they enjoyed many hot meals including wilderness banana pancakes. They hiked many miles while pushing a handcart and one of the oldest group members, Finn the dog, was given his trail name of Soulful Prince.


The newly formed boy’s group did two hikes under the stars this week! They learned how to tell the time using the Big Dipper and the North Star, ending the week with a few days stay in a sandy desert oasis spot of huge juniper trees. They did a team building activity at the beginning of the week, gave a staff her trail name, welcomed two new students, and gave a new student leadership of the group. The Goanna’s also watched a few beautiful sunsets,  played a game called double-ball and had delicious group meals, shared recipes with each other, and played in the sand at our campsite


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COVID-19 Update

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