Wilderness Weekly 9.15.18

Dingoes: The Dingoes had a good week, working on skills, playing games, and engaging in some very productive gatherings. Two very special Dingoes received tokens this week, one getting Truth Speaker and the other receiving Brightness.  A Dingo staff also received his trail name this week, Rising Phoenix. Though the weather took a turn and the rain came in for a bit, the Dingoes used that time to focus on working on their Ngarnas and reading books.  They also worked on their busting sets and several Dingoes were able to get a coal on their first try. This week, the Dingoes shared lots of laughs and fun times as they bonded in the beauty of a desert awakened by rain.

Gnowees: The Gnowees pushed through some long hikes this week! The ladies were power houses when it came to the hikes. Not only did they hike a lot and bond through the sweat and smiles, they also focused on making different skills and honoring each other for accomplishments. One student celebrated long journey in the field and another was honored with the token Winged Heart. This week may have been physically challenging but it was a good week with self care. Lots of singing was done as we accomplished all of our tasks for the week. They made productive use of personal time and skills time. The girls enjoyed answering riddles and questions that the staff and each other posed.  

Goannas:  The Goannas had a relaxing week filled with hard work on therapy assignments and reading. This week the Goannas had opportunities to explore the concept of “until we meet again” with a number of special members. Genuine Sun prepared to move onto the next step in his journey from the Goannas, but not after playing one last game of werewolf. Radiating Monk got the token Journey keeper prior to his leaving for his family expo and Wild Honey Badger received the winged heart token. In addition, many of these Goannas got the chance to give the newest Goanna his trail name: Spirited Eagle. Throughout the week, Spirited Eagle received the token making amends, as well as, the Goanna token. Spirited Eagle was given the Goanna token because of how well he emulates the Goanna pillars, with the knowledge that there would soon be a group merge. Animated Monkey learned of his upcoming plans for transitions and began to reflect on his time in the desert. This week, the staff Tranquil Moon was honored with the token openness, and Gentle River got the token peace walker. The Goannas worked hard on their busting and had lots of laughs.

Brumbies: This week the Brumbies really came together.  They began the week with a member leaving the group and found new ways to work together and found greater harmony in the group.  They focused on enhancing their conflict resolution skills as way to show commitment towards creating and maintaining safe spaces for all group members. They had a few great cross country hikes, including an amazing night hike.  The week also held many ceremonies including two naming ceremonies where Strong Eagle and Soaring Tarantula trail names were given.  Many tokens were also given honoring the group and individuals progress.  The week ended with three of its members going on peak and one preparing fo his beginning his next adventure beyond Outback.


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