Wilderness Weekly 9.21.18

DINGOES:   The Dingoes celebrated the departure of a member of the group at the beginning of this week. The week also brought opportunity to honor and recognize some of the group members with tokens.  Electric Heart received two tokens (Peacewalker and Strong Cord) while Resilient Eagle received the Solid Ground token. The group spent lots of the time singing and making music together, and welcomed two new members into the group. The newest additions to the Dingoes quickly began learning to create spoons and worked on their backpacks. We were also able to enjoy an amazing camp site located near a creek. This allowed the group to play near the water and enjoy the company of many neighboring cows. The Dingoes had a good week overall!

ULURUS:  The Ulurus had an exciting week. The Ulurus and Brumbies came together with 10 strong young men! Overall, the group got to know each other well through games, gatherings, and camp chores. The group had several days of explorations in washes and found materials to complete busting sets. Ulurus worked hard this week on busting and two members busted their first coals on their own sets! The clinical theme of the week was resilience, and the group shared vulnerable moments in their lives they have overcome, both physically and emotionally. They also learned about thinking errors, identifying when they are used and the impact on their lives. Lots of creative projects were completed this week as members made poss bags, quivers, backpacks, spoons, H frame packs, and slides to wear around camp. The group slept under the stars all week and adjusted to the cooling weather at night. Two Uluru members were honored with the Openness and Strong Cord Tokens. Additionally, a staff member was honored with Maker token. Overall, it was a fun week in the desert!
GNOWEES:  The Gnowees celebrated a new student completing first camp and joining the group as an official Gnowee this week. The group overcame challenges during hikes this week and overall became closer and stronger as a group. A few Gnowees and staff were honored with tokens such as Giver, Seeker and Brightness. The group enjoyed a rest day where they were able to make jewelry out of various animal bones. The whole group worked hard on their busting sets and the metaphors that correlated with busting.


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