Wilderness Weekly 9.22.17

One Keet left for her family expo after a really successful final few days with the group. Another lovely Keet became the leader of the newly formed girl’s group, the Gnowees (meaning the Sun Goddesses) and received a challenge token of “Openness”.

The group said goodbye to Aspen, our hand cart, and our fearless leader began her first long hike with an Outback pack! Overall we had a blast, so many laughs and great conversations, reading some stellar books and telling wonderful stories around the stoves.

A Goanna initiated a ceremony for two of the Goanna’s that were leaving – he cut, sanded, and wrote notes on two Juni boards to give as momentos to our leaving Goannas during the ceremony. One of our Goannas, along with Trevor, led the group in a gathering focused on addiction and its different components – the group was fully engaged and actively participated in sharing their own personal stories related to addiction. One of our Goannas, before going on Solo, received a challenge token (“Maker”). In dealing with struggles related to fears of going home and leaving, he broke his token, and later worked with staff to recreate it. He noted that this token would be the one he placed on the very top of his staff.

Two newer Goannas made some awesome new packs, possibility bags, spoons, and other great things and both got out of 1st camp! One of our leaving Goannas initiated the creation of a Recipe booklet (complete with an index, illustrations, and rating table in the back pages) for the group to continue holding onto for future use – almost every Goanna contributed at least one of their own recipes to the booklet!


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