Wilderness Weekly 9.22.19

Dingoes: This week in the Dingoes we crushed our hikes. The group was able to complete approximately 10 miles over three days! The group was absolutely crushing it! They all worked together to encourage and push other group members forward. While at therapy site we were able to take a break from the hiking and focus on skills and ceremonies. The students did great this week so we honored all of them with wooden beads, and did individual tokens. We gave out journey keeper, two strong cord, solid ground, and gave two staff members solid ground and peace walker. We also honored a Dingo with a trail name, Metamorphic Water Bear. This trail name shows how resilient this student is and how he is continuously growing and learning out in the desert. 

Gnowees: This week in the Gnowees was filled with lots of laughter and fun experiences. One student went on Peak Week, and we had a new student arrive on Thursday. Friday the 13th was a great day for the group–one student graduated from first camp and joined the main group of Gnowees with a ceremony where she learned about the history of the Gnowees and had her face painted with the Gnowee crown. The group woke up in the middle of the night to celebrate the full moon by looking at the stars and howling at the moon. On Saturday, we had a challenging hike over the saddle of a mountain range, and celebrated our finish by playing in the creek by our campsite. We had another new student arrive on Monday evening. Tuesday was a day filled with celebrations with two students receiving tokens; one received the Maker token, and another received the Gnowee token, which is a particularly special honor in the group. The group also decided to honor the staff, giving therapist Jessica Jo the Winged Heart token. Throughout the week, we read the book Fierce by Aly Raisman and discussed her experiences as an Olympic gymnast and what we can learn from her story of learning to love herself. We ended the week with a fun and fairly easy hike with beautiful scenery of the mountains and the creek. 

Brumbies: The crew had the chance to experience two Peak Hikes in one week! Intentional group gatherings were led and deepened connections among the students. We also had a fun busting challenge that heated up the competition among students. We even witnessed flames being created in under 2 minutes!  We were blessed with rain at the beginning of the week which cooled things off for us. Our students got to enjoy cooking over the open fire and gather around the camp fires during our nightly group sessions. The students even had the opportunity to generate Vision Statements that engaged the fundamental desires of our students.


Peak Week – Adventure Therapy @ outBACK

This week on Peak the group started their journey by making the long drive down to St. George on the first day. Once down in St. George, we spent two days rock climbing which many students had never done before and very much enjoyed. We spent other down time exploring local spots like the giant Dixie rock, Gun Lock Reservoir and Quail Creek where students got to cool off in the water. The Peak team explored a new area of the Dixie National Forest this week and took the students on day hike through the forest which was a nice change of scenery from the desert. After our hike, we sat by Navajo lake where two students and a staff were honored with tokens of Solid Ground, Openness, and Brightness. From there we continued our journey to the Filmore Lava Tubes where we got to explore a series of caves and have a gathering in total darkness. Our last stop before returning to the desert was Yuba State Park where students enjoyed skipping stones on the lake, completing assignment for the week, taking long hot showers and cooking a group breakfast feast. The students really enjoyed the sweat lodge on the last day and talking about the behaviors that no longer serve them that they want to let go of. The week ended on a high note of honoring two more students with the letting go and solid ground tokens before the group did some deep reflection on things they worked really hard on this week and where they need to continue to push themselves to grow.


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