Wilderness Weekly 9.22.2016

Just like the magnificent mountainous terrain, this week had many ups and downs for the Keets.  While watching the dazzling oranges and sparkling reds of a desert sunset the keets looked deep within themselves and let go of past wounds and spoke of hopes for the future.  One of keets was honored by a fellow student with the token Vital Fire for her strength, determination, and resilience. The week came to a close with great excitement sizzling in the air as one keet busted her first coal getting her out of first camp and making the Lorikeet group whole.
This week two of the Brumbies got the opportunity to have their parents come out for a long day visit in the field where they got to show them all of the things they had made and all the new skills they had learned both physically and emotionally.
This week the boys playing a variety of games including bluie jousting and salad bowl.
The boys went extremely deep during a group therapy gathering on regrets this week and they all opened up about some of their deepest regrets in life.


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