Wilderness Weekly 9.28.19

Dingoes: The Dingoes started off their week strong with a short hike push towards Judd Canyon. We welcomed a new member to the group with enthusiasm. The Dingoes spent a lot of time learning the value in busting coals, maintaining fire sets, group cohesion and one-on-one conversations that were proctored by staff. With many new faces to the desert the group is learning how to support the current group pillars and build new ones as the students, staff and group dynamics evolve. The Dingo group enjoyed some refreshing Fall rain showers in the night and woke up to a fresh-smelling and chilly desert. Closing out the week we made one final push towards the mouth of Judd Canyon where we had the opportunity to honor one of our great Dingoes with their trail name, Spectacular Scorpion. As we say goodbye to some, and welcome the new, this next week should hold many great adventures.    

Gnowees: The Gnowees had a wonderful week filled with challenging hikes, personal growth, laughter and joy. In the beginning of the week, the Gnowees worked to become more efficient in packing up their gear and in order to be ready for each hike. Members began to increase their emotional regulation, and ultimately became more accountable to each other. The group honored one member with the Peace Walker token to celebrate her commitment to help each member navigate personal and group challenges. Members were rewarded for their hard work by ending the week at Oasis, a site known for its beautiful views and soft sand; a perfect site for the Sun Goddesses, where the weather was perfect. Members practiced mindfulness each day through different guided visuals of being at the beach. At the end of the week, the Gnowees welcomed two more sisters, and began to introduce them to the culture of Outback. 

Brumbies: The beginning of the week the students double pushed a hike to make an 8 mile hike! These guys are beasts at hiking. Upon completion of this amazing goal set out for the group, the Brumbies balanced things out with an extra lay over day. On these days they filled their day with skills, games, and many token ceremonies honoring one another. The boys were excited to present their peers with tokens because of the hard work they have been putting in! The week was finished with a memorable hike up a steep peak that led to a very rewarding view. It was a great week to be a Brumbies. 


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