Wilderness Weekly 9.29.17


This week was an exciting week for the “fire goddesses” after a surprise day of light snow and two new girls entered the group. One of the oldest members received a token for her outstanding Openness and willingness to face conflict with compassion. The two newest members of the group took their first hike in stride and hiked at record speed!

A field of sagebrush at Outback Therapeutic Expeditions, a wilderness therapy program for teens Goannas:

This week we spent our days in the gorgeous Keg mountain range. Fall hit full swing, surprising us with a bout of snow. The group came together strongly around the inclement weather and we built fire and cold-proof shelters and cooked a delicious dinner. After the cold spell passed, we got to experience the beauty of Fall in the desert. We had a number of group sessions on top of hills with beautiful vistas and got to watch the sunset over the West mountain ranges.


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