Wilderness Weekly 9.29.2016


Perched high on a ridge, gazing down on the vast desert, the Brumbies honored another member into the brotherhood of Outback with a trail name.

 Despite the dripping sky soaking everything, spirits soared and smiles beamed as the fire ban was lifted. In a frantic, bustling motion, everyone was soon giggling from the warmth of a fire.

 Nothing changes the mood like a little game.  Whether its tag, tank, or a simple knot challenge, the magic is appreciated and fun was had by all!


On multiple nights the girls put on a dance performance under the night sky for various staff, though sometimes were laughing too hard to finish their routines.

 A member of the group was honored with the Brightness token.

The group experienced their first mild snow fall out in the field which quickly melted but it brought along with it their first campfire of the group!


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