Wilderness Weekly 9.7.18

Ulurus: It was an exciting and challenging week in the Uluru. The week was full of change and new opportunities for students. Over the week we had four token ceremonies honoring students and staff. At the beginning of the week we said goodbye to some of the Ulurus, which brought opportunity for the emotional leadership position to be passed down to another student. We also spent time gathering down by a beautiful creek nearby our camp! At the end of the week we had a welcoming ceremony for two new Uluru and two other students had the privilege of embarking on Peak week.  Overall the week was full of games, laughter and new opportunity!

Dingoes: The group had a sunshine filled week, filled with lots of games and practicing mindfulness through creating with our hands.  One of our Dingoes left on Thursday, and was honored with the Dingoes group token and the Solid Ground token.  Another Dingo received his trail name this week – Electric Heart – and he fondly began referring to himself as “Pacemaker”.  He was also honored with the Maker token this week, as he began to make his 7th spoon this week.  One of the Dingoes staff was honored with the Peace Walker token, and another staff was honored at the end of the week with the Dingoes token.  The group had three amazing hikes this week, and had fun exploring the desert together. Overall, it was truly a fun week!

Brumbies: Another excellent week in the Brumbies! This week, the boys invented a board game. It’s called ultimate checkers. It’s like checkers except better in every way. We also have a couple of our elders moving onto the next portion of their journeys. Rising Cobra, and Strong Eagle are completing their time at Outback. It’s always sad to see the older Brumbies go, but it is something all of us do at some point and a part of the beauty of transition. Besides inventing board games, and saying goodbye to old friends, we spent the week enjoying the fall weather that’s coming in and becoming tighter as a group. This upcoming week, we have two brumbies heading off for a PeakWeek, leaving the rest of the Brumbies to face another week in the desert. Here’s to another great week at Outback!

Gnowees: The Gnowees started off the week with a challenging saddle hike. Throughout the week we celebrated one Gnowee who completed First Camp, two Gnowees received their trail names, four Gnowees received tokens, and we said goodbye to one of our therapists afterhonoring her with the Gnowee token. We also had a goodbye ceremony for another Gnowee who has completed her journey at Outback. The group was able to play in a magical stream in the desert twice this week.



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