Wilderness Weekly 9.8.19

Dingoes: The Dingoes had quite an interesting week. Many students within the group received tokens to honor the gifts that the rest of the group see within them, including Illuminating Dream, Growing Galaxy, Flaming Ram, and others. Additionally, Electric Otter was honored with his trail name. The group utilized there time this week to work on skills and have fun playing games. One night the group enjoyed stargazing, while learning ways to tell time using the stars. The group was also able to hike to the top of a hill that had a gorgeous view of the entire field, providing the ability to see the various mountain ranges throughout the desert.

Gnowees: The Gnowees enjoyed beautiful hikes with gorgeous sunsets this week. The girls also acknowledged and pushed through both physical and emotional barriers. We were able to experience several token ceremonies where the girls were honored for their respective contributions. The girls also honored a special staff with the Gnowees token which is a highly distinguished honor to receive. The intentional one on one time this week led to meaningful conversations and effective therapeutic processes for the members of Gnowees and their need for fun was met through star gazing, crafts, and interactive games. The Gnowees’ busting culture has been maintained and the girls have been persistent in trying to make fire. 

Goannas:  This week our gatherings were focused around the theme of identity which led to extended and heartfelt meaningful discussions. We talked about how each group member view themselves, as well as how they fit into the world at large. Tokens were given on a peak during a beautiful sunset and a night hike brought out the spirit of adventure in all of us. The group welcomed a field dog into their hearts for the week while loving and caring for her became imbedded into a part of our routine. The group is processing farewells and transitions when students move onto their next journey and continue to take on their hikes as group dynamics change. 

Brumbies:  At the beginning of the week the Brumbies started off with a sit day as we welcomed a new Brumbie into the group with a lot of support and welcoming culture. We had our ERV dog stay in the group for a couple days and gave him his trail name, Courageous Beast. We had several amazing hikes this week, and the group crushed them! One of our hikes consisted of a peak attempt of Black Crook. We did not make it to the top, yet we gave a token (Winged Heart) to a Brumbie who throughout his stay, has shown great acceptance. We also gave another Brumbie his trail name, Pure Turtle. We also celebrated a birthday out in the field and Trevor brought out treats to celebrate the momentous occasion! Throughout the week we focused on Identity and had some vulnerable gatherings on how we see ourselves and how others see us. 


Peak Week – Adventure Therapy @ outBACK

This week on Peak the group started their adventure by stopping at our favorite road side petting zoo where students got to interact with new people and animals. From there we continued our journey to the Filmore Lava Tubes where we got to explore a series of caves and have a gathering in total darkness. We continued south down to St. George where the students got to experience outdoor rock climbing multiple days and spend the afternoons cooling off at Gunlock reservoir. The week came to a close as we traveled back north, stopping at Yuba State Park where students enjoyed skipping stones on the lake and completing assignment for the week. The students really enjoyed the sweat lodge and talking about the behaviors that no longer serve them and spoke of their desires to let them go. The week ended on a high note when Humble Buffalo and Animated Monkey were honored with strong cord and true speaker.


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