Wilderness Weekly – August 19, 2016

Outback Theraputic Expeditions - Teen Wilderness Therapy


The Gnowees showed a new found ambition and engagement as they enthusiastically awoke at dawn to climb the nearby peak above camp.  The hike provided not just exercise, and a beautiful view, but also many pieces of soapstone to carve into totems to give to family members.

Tired and content with the day’s hike, the Gnowees fell asleep under the full moon while listening to the lessons of Native Americans’ timeless wisdom in their favorite bedtime book: The Lakota Way.

We had a post-dinner discussion in the fashion of a slumber party, sprawled out on the ground with our heads in the center of a circle and looking at the sky while discussing what it means to be a man in our culture and how we want to interact with that discourse.


Standing silhouetted in front of the setting sun and armed with dig sticks and wide spread grins, the Uluru divided forces in preparation for a game of double ball.  Grass was trampled and a cloud of dirt followed the boys and they actively chased one another in a game for glory.

Although the distance to the next camp seemed endless, the brightness of the full moon fueled the Uluru’s energy to persist.  Giggles, riddles, and momentary breaks made for a glorious hike to base camp.

With a new and old members together, the Uluru honored a fellow member in honor of his hard work and willingness to be vulnerable.  Kind words were said and artistic facial paintings left everyone in high spirits.


One night the group slept under the stars, and watched meteor showers right before they went to bed.

The group had fun exploring and climbing up rocks for a gathering.

The group enjoyed a multi colored sunset while hiking to their next camp.


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