Wilderness Weekly – August 5, 2016


Shooting Star- After the Gnowees were tucked in, and slumber was near. Their gazes turned to the beautiful night sky.  A brilliant light began to soar across the night sky. A meteor soared through the night sky as it began to disintegrate, and split into smaller fireworks.

Leader Ceremony- One morning a fellow Gnowee built a beautiful bora ground that looked across the desert sky.  The ceremony was a leader ship hand off.

Outback Therapeutic Expeditions Wilderness Weekly


On our sunrise hike to basecamp, it was decided that we would be hiking in our truest of forms, zombie style. Whilst dragging their limbs, the girls let out their best guttural noises in an effort to scare one another. Unfortunately, the stints never lasted long due to excessive amounts of laughter.

Tuesday we spent a chunk of the evening plastering the girls faces. This also meant spending aa chunk of the evening listening to the girls try to speak with their mouths plastered shut. We then had an intentional and moving conversation on the kinds of masks we wear to hide our true selves from others.

While Kendra brings out letters and her award winning advice, there is one thing she brings out that must also be mentioned, her busting skills. This week the girls challenged Kendra to a bust off with only one thing on their minds, Oreos. They ended up busting a coal in under a minute to win the bust off. They then decided to go a step further and challenge her to a bust off with their left hands, they are now getting Oreos AND milk next week. 

Outback Therapeutic Expeditions Face Mask


Group peeked Indian together.

Learned African war dance and performed together.

Playing games and doing well on hikes.

Students led guided meditation.


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