Wilderness Weekly – July 22, 2016

Wilderness Weekly

It was another great week at Outback. The Goannas and Pindari reunited to become the Gnowees. Along with the Ulurus and Lorikeets, the groups participated in exciting, often challenging journeys through the wilderness and into their own hearts.


Here’s what happened in the words of staff members who were actually there:


This week the Pindari and Goannas reunited after splitting a couple of weeks back. The reunion was a surprise to all and was full of stories and laughs.  They united to form the Gnowees.

During a resiliency workshop this week the Gnowees paired up into teams for an egg drop activity. The students used materials from their environment to protect their egg.  All the groups put in effort and were rewarded with eggs for dinner.

During a morning hike the students played clap catch during their sitting breaks in order to expend energy.


The group dressed up in their Outback best and had a “fancy dinner” for a group members birthday followed by an all natural spa day.

Group did a moon shadow puppet presentation\ of a snake and a moose fighting.

Full moon hike singing and solving riddles.

A Keet received her trail name in a lovely bora ground with the biggest smile on her face.


With red clouds glowing from a distant sunset, the Uluru sat in a sacred space honoring two members with the infamous Uluru token.  Faces were painted and kind words shared.

After a week of hot dusty roads the uluru combined creativity, engineering and curiosity to build a refreshing swimming hole in a natural mountain spring.  Splashes and giggles accompanied smiles as they basked in their handmade swimming pool.

Late night stories during a night hike lifted spirits and made the miles pass with ease.  With enough support any hike can be easy.




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