Wilderness Weekly – July 29, 2016

Wilderness Weekly

Outback Therapeutic Expeditions -Sunset

It was another great week at Outback Gnowees, Ulurus, and Lorikeets participated in exciting, often challenging journeys through the wilderness and into their own hearts.

Here’s what happened in the words of staff members who were actually there:


  1. The ladies peaked Blackcrook, the highest point in the Wasatch area. While over looking the views they gave their newest staff guide a trail name. One of the newer Lorikeets was honored this week by her peers and received her trail name “Wild Tide”. The Student leader of the Lorikeets had her parent visit this week and learned what it means to build trust and stay open-hearted with herself as well as her parents to work through the harder things in relationships.


After scrumptious dessert of caramel cake as a special birthday surprise for one of the boys, the Gnowees completed a calming hike underneath the twinkling desert stars. As the sun rose the next morning in a new camp, the group awoke with excitement for a morning of spindle hunting and busting.

Outback Therapeutic Expeditions - Wilderness Weekly Group

One of the Gnowees received a trail name on the afternoon of his birthday from the group. He was overjoyed with his trail name as he felt like a true member of the group.

Two Gnowees were honored with tokens this week. One received the giver and the other received openness. There appeared a look of genuine happiness on both the boy’s faces upon recognition of their growth.


Sling making and throwing with Melissa, a healthy way of releasing anger and frustrations. The boys did a fantastic job on a night hike. There was no fighting or bickering. As a treat we slept under the stars, which was really exciting for the city kids. A student had a parent visit with a surprise visitor, his grandmother! He was very happy to spend some quality time with the both of them.




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