Wilderness Weekly September 1, 2016

Program for Troubled Youth

The students in Outback Treatment’s teen wilderness program continue to grow and expand their horizons through personal challenges and humbling experiences.


The brumbies effort in their early morning hike was rewarded as they set up main camp under “the avatar tree” in Sherwood forest.  Many students’ favorite site in the west desert.

The students bonded over the new games splat, and tanks & commanders.  Many laughs were had!

The brumbies had two of their favorite things in the same day!  They made a hearty group meal of bacon, potatoes, and eggs before hiking to the summit of black crook, the tallest peak in the area!


One evening the Lorikeets practiced yoga as the sun was setting. Surrounded by howling coyotes, by the end of their practice the stars were out along with the milky way.



The keets made drums one sunny afternoon, and painted their trail signs onto them.

Wilderness programs for troubled youthOne morning the Keets woke up to a curious tarantula, in their shelter. After observing it for awhile, a brave Keet escorted the tarantula to a new area, where it would not be disturbed.

Programs for troubled teens


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