Wilderness Weekly – September 16, 2016

Wilderness Therapy

It was another great week at Outback. The Brumbies and Lorikeets participated in exciting, often challenging journeys through the wilderness and into their own hearts.



Keets made masks out of plaster on a beautiful afternoon for their weekly expedition revolving around Identity. Almost like a spa day.

One night this week one of the staff members taught constellations to the students on a beautiful clear night.

The arrival of a new Keet was met with joy and happiness.


-The Brumbies expanded their knowledge of geology and the world around them as they took a jaunt up a valley under the clear blue sky. There were many metaphors connecting different rock formations to struggles and victories in life, and the brumbies listened, awe inspired, as two staff and student teams led short, therapeutic gatherings on the hill tops.

– A solemn group assembled and honored a member of the Brumbies who will be leaving us shortly. They honored his journey here at Outback and his change of heart and mind, which will lend him strength to continue his journey when out in the real world.

– A bright moment of fun was enjoyed by staff, students and therapist as they engaged in a therapeutic game of Egg Drop. The student and staff teams had to use materials around them to protect their egg from getting hurt when the therapist dropped it. It was a physical representation of using good coping mechanisms to protect us when we are most vulnerable.


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