Wilderness Weekly – July 8, 2016

It was another great week at Outback Therapeutic Expeditions. The Goannas, Pindari, Ulurus, and Lorikeets all celebrated the 4th of July in their own fun, exciting way.

Here’s what happened in the words of staff members who were actually there:


  • The Goannas army crawled, crept, and sprinted from sage bush to sage bush during a game of camouflage accompanied by a fabulous display of colors from the sunset.
  • A Fourth of July feast that would make George Washington and company proud left the group sprawled around the fire pit as they listened to the soothing sounds of guitar from the staff.
  • The group forded through a dark and moonless night to reach a site in record time, falling asleep to the sound of crickets and the banner of the Milky Way.



  • The Pindari enjoyed peaking Black Crook and grew wise as they read former students and staff’s messages left atop the peak in a water bottle. The Pindari overcame personal struggles as they learned to keep pushing through hard things to achieve a great reward at the end.
  • Hot dogs and hamburgers were enjoyed by all Pindari group members as they celebrated the 4th of July.
  • The Pindari had a blast in beautiful Sherwood Forest, playing in the stream and making use of all the natural resources found in the oak forest.



  • in the light of the desert sun, in the twilight of one of the Uluru’s story at outback, he sat across from the staff and was both shocked and elated to hear his name at the onset of the token ceremony, and what’s more not one (the token he expected) but two tokens were presented to him, one an utter mystery to his young mind.
  • On the fourth of July, the very day our dear nation was founded, the group was presented with a chance drawing of folded paper. Was there group to be split yet again, shall there young hearts be so burdened? No! Instead, they shall play a game, eat hot dogs and burgers to their hearts content, and roast marshmallows and s’mores! The joy of joys!
  • “Tank! Off the port side! Fire! Fire! No really the sand is like fire. You hit me! I’m your commander!” How much fun is the game tanks and commanders!



    • On the 4th of July the girls were pleasantly surprised by a plethora of food including, hamburgers, hot dogs and we watched the sunset and danced into the moonlight after a satisfying meal.
    • One student was getting honored for her Parent Visit and we had another student set up a boraground to honor her with the peacewalker token. She was very surprised and honored to be thought of and she also found out she was going home in the boraground. She was very emotional and sad that she was leaving her sisters in the desert.
    • This week in the field a staff was honored with the seeker token at sunset with students excited. She was very honored and smiling from ear to ear.

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