Wilderness Weekly 3.26.21

Pindaris:  Wild weather tested the Pindaris’ resilience this week, but the group persevered. We hiked in the sun, rain, hail, high winds and snow, sometimes all four in the same day. The group pushed on through the Simpson range, improving their fire-making skills at each site as the skill became more necessary in the erratic weather. The students leaned on each other to make it through the tough days and grew closer for it. At the therapy site, several students took the time to hold a ceremony to honor one another for their hard work and perseverance. The group felt that they had become competent enough to be issued a “ghost challenge” from staff where they managed the entire day themselves without staff assistance. They handled that day impressively. The group is in high spirits and is looking forward to more mild spring weather soon.

Lorikeets: The Lorikeets had a week filled with challenges and fun times. They honored each other early on in the week and gave one of the members a new trail name. They kept each other entertained by playing games like contact, werewolf, and lucky ducky. Members of the group were able to work on their skills like possibilities bags, busting sets, and jewelry made from sinew, wooden beads, and antlers. The group was able to address and resolve conflict within the group. They were able to show support for one another when it was needed most. The group welcomed a new member eager to help. The group endured some difficult weather that was a huge challenge. The group attempted to hike in the tough weather but ended up having to turn around when the snow got heavy and headed back to set up at their last campsite with a positive attitude. Students were a part of gatherings based on vision and their plans for the future. Students ran gatherings on their own experiences with relationships, emotions, and their journeys. There were other gatherings run on self justification styles and how to reframe these thoughts. 

Goannas: The Goannas began the week by celebrating one member as he prepared to depart the group and move on to future adventures. The group had a successful week completing all hikes. Throughout the week the students made progress by supporting one another emotionally and physically through all challenges. Goannas completed the week by honoring a member with a token that recognizes those few students that exemplify all of the qualities desired from Goanna students.

Ulurus: The Ulurus made a huge and exciting achievement this week by peaking Indian mountain. The group showed great determination and pushed through the strenuous climbing. When processing the meaning of peaking Indian Mountain, the group reflected that peaking and overcoming challenges taught them about resilience and the value of perseverance. Ulurus enjoyed a peaceful and fulfilled moment with the beautiful view on Indian Mountain of the west Utah desert. During the week, the group showed great resilience for hiking in rough weather, as well as support for each other during challenging times. The group showed support and patience for newer members who are struggling during the transition phase. Many students led deep and meaningful gatherings during the week. The group had conversations about relationships, actions and reactions, emotional wheels, and letting go of control.

Brumbies: The Brumbies had an incredible rollercoaster of a week! The first few days, many Brumbies got the chance to work on some fun skills such as bracelet making, fire making, and culinary creations. They also took any opportunity to get together for exciting and hilarious games of Mr. Nalgene, hacky sack, and werewolf. The Brumbies made sure to honor each other throughout the week: one was honored with a trail name and another with a challenge token! After saying their goodbyes to a long beloved Brumbie staff, they graciously welcomed a new Brumbie staff! Later in the week, they persevered through some incredibly challenging hikes, complicated by abrupt changes in weather, and were able to continue on with their week and begin building up their bow drilling sets. Many group members mentioned it being their most difficult week out in the field, and for good reason, but the overall consensus was that this week was a test which strengthened the core of the group as well as each member! 

Check Out What’s Happening in 1st Camp @ outBACK

First camp had a busy week. We learned how to do many things to start off their experience here at outback. Upon arrival everyone learned how to set up a tarp shelter and make a fire. They also expressed their creativity with making backpacks and keeper pouches. There was a wide experimentation with creating delicious meals such as apple crumble, baked potatoes and mac & cheese. Most meals were hot and cooked over the fire. We went on daily wood runs to gather wood from down trees to burn in the fire pits. Mid-week there was some snow and rain for a couple of days. When the snow built up we played a fun game of throwing snowballs at each other and running around. 


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