Wilderness Weekly 4.2.21

Pindaris:  The Pindari had an exciting week! We honored two students with trail names and said goodbye to other members in a farewell ceremony. The students had a successful week of bow-drilling all around. A new group leader was named, with responsibilities of reminding the group of the four pillars and helping new members integrate into the group culture. The group was able to enjoy fun games and challenges that helped set the tone for the week. On the last hike day of the week, the group was able to do a thoughtful day-hike, ending with a genogram activity to focus the group on the theme of the week: Family.

Lorikeets: The Lorikeets welcomed some new members into the group through a ceremony once each of them were completed with first camp. The new students integrated into the group with ease and have contributed greatly to the group as a whole. Group cohesion is at an all-time high in the Lorikeets after a week full of ceremonies, team building, and games. The Lorikeets honored their staff and various students with tokens, and one student with a trail name. The group was able to work on team building with a group busting challenge, utilizing a giant busting set to get a coal and then named their fire “The Big Keet Flame”. The Lorikeets were able to incorporate fun throughout the week through trail games and a dance off at the end of the week. 

Goannas: This week, the group was working on creating a good group culture in light of multiple new members and new emotional and logistical leaders stepping up. They ran a group about what fires they set in their lives and if there was smoke being created that blocked their vision. The group ran a trail name ceremony for both a group member and a staff, the student receiving the name ‘Noble Warrior’ and the staff receiving the name ‘Guiding Eagle’. With multiple tough events that occurred this week, the group worked on supporting each other both in gatherings and in one on ones. Overall, the group was able to persevere and practice resilience. 

Ulurus: Conflict resolution was the name of the game for the Uluru group this week. How do we appropriately and most effectively push each other during hikes? How do we move past disagreements and find common ground? How do we make compromises? These were all questions that were asked throughout the week. The elder Ulurus were tasked with creating a welcoming environment and showing the new Ulurus the ropes. The desert weather was as unpredictable as ever: we went from 5 inches of snow on the ground one day to tee shirts the next day. Adapting to the changing of seasons was a key theme of the week. An Uluru was honored with his trail name: Luminous Moonlight, and another Uluru was honored with the solid ground token for his overall grounding presence. It was a memorable week full of laughter, challenges, and everything in between.  

Brumbies: The Brumbies had an exciting week filled with growth and adventure. Two students were honored with a goodbye ceremony. The students enjoyed a new part of the field that none of the students had seen before with new and beautiful views that were enjoyed by all. This week, the students worked really hard while busting, and worked as a team on a giant sized busting set. Gatherings were led by students bringing about emotional and intentional conversations. Students encouraged each other throughout the week during hikes and while setting up camp. During downtime, we filled our days with games and skills. Students had personal time to work on Ngarnas and therapeutic assignments. Before bed, the group read aloud Touching Spirit Bear which was definitely the group highlight of the week. 

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First camp had a smooth and creative week this week. Many students were able to begin the first camp books! Trail skills learned this week included making various types of spoons, A-frames, crossmembers, and leather work. Students were eager to learn many trail skills including fire-making, knot tying, and cooking. Students were respectful to staff and each other. The group adventured on a short day hike to learn the process of how hikes work and to look for various pieces for crafts. Nights were filled with riddle telling and story telling in the shelter as well as time spent writing letters to family members.


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