Wilderness Weekly 4.9.21

Pindaris:  The Pindaris had a challenging but rewarding week. They worked through changes in the weather with fun winds and the warm new spring sunrises and sunsets. The group walked the lands and tapped into their creativity as they discovered antlers, bones and stones which they used to create spoons, necklaces and more. The group enjoyed playing outside together. They played with the hacky-sack and raced down a hill. We got to see stunning nightly sunsets and had some great gatherings. Despite some challenges, the Pindari persevered and saw a lot of growth this week.

Lorikeets: The Lorikeets faced some challenges throughout the week- and took them in stride. Students showed support for one another and were resilient through their struggles. They persevered through difficult hikes through mountainous terrain and worked efficiently as a group to set up their camps and shelters. They entertained themselves by playing games like one fish two fish, pterodactyl, capture the flag and night at the museum. They actively honored one another regularly and several students received tokens. The Lorikeets were industrious and worked on skills like their possibles bags, rings made out of antler and juniper, and their bow-drilling sets. The group had many great gatherings and had a week of incredible growth.

Goannas: The Goannas had a week of teamwork that led to many successes! Students were motivated to start days earlier, thus getting hikes started early. They were able to set up camp quickly and were able to have time to work on trail skills and projects. A few students chose to wake up early in order to enjoy watching the morning sunlight approaching from the west due to the mountains to the east. The students said they were watching the “reverse sunrise”. Over the course of the week, three students and one staff were honored with tokens. Throughout the week it was clear that the Goannas were becoming a strong team that supports one another throughout challenges. Toward the end of the week, the Goannas welcomed a new student and quickly embraced him into the group.

Ulurus: The Urulus had a great week! We dealt with the schedule change well, and the extra skill times were much appreciated, making exquisite bags and mocs. Many worked towards becoming more proficient with busting, completing some of the busting challenges. We faced challenges in an abrupt change of weather, and the group faced the adversity with amazing perseverance and ingenuity. The Uluru explored identity, integrity, fear, the future, and mentorship during gatherings and therapeutic processing.

Brumbies: This week, the Brumbies overcame challenges and finished out the week in stride. The group was very enthusiastic about playing games; we played Camo, Dogs, and Zoogle! We loved telling jokes around the fire as well. The Brumbies put a ton of effort into making fire with their bow drill sets and into making skills such as sandals and bracelets. We witnessed incredible creativity as the Brumbies made these crafts. The group had a light hiking week, so they got to spend time reading books and exploring the local area. We all wandered up to a nearby hill in search of those beautiful desert views. Some of the books read in the group include: Around the World in Eighty Days, The Alchemist, Touching Spirit Bear. If we weren’t reading them aloud to the group, they were passing them around to read individually.

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First camp had a smooth and creative week this week. Many students were able to begin the first camp books, including learning their sharps rules (SAGEHANDS), becoming sharps certified, and beginning crafts that required the use of sharps. Trail skills learned this week included making various types of spoons, A-frames, crossmembers, and leather work. Students were eager to learn many trail skills including fire making, knots, and recipes. Students were respectful to staff and each other. Nights were filled with riddle telling and story telling as well as time spent writing letters to family members.


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